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Works Spaces

Optimize your company's workspace with the latest technologies in automation, audio video, networking, security, energy management, and more...

Create a work environment that inspires creative solutions and maximizes productivity while saving energy and streamlining day-to-day operations. Nearly every aspect of your business's workspace can be enhanced with automation technology from conference room, networking and communication solutions, to energy-saving automated climate and lighting control.

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Video, Sound and Interactive Displays

Enrich your space with distributed audio, distributed video and interactive whiteboards and displays.  Impress and entertain your clients with high-definition video displays in the waiting room; quickly and efficiently communicate important messages and announcements to your entire staff through distributed video and sound; run highly effective meetings in the conference room with interactive displays and projectors.

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Networking and  Communication 

Boost your team’s performance and connectivity with robust high-speed wireless and wired networks, video conferencing technology and enhanced telecommunication networks.

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Energy Management

Save money and reduce your business's carbon footprint by using automation technology to control the lights, motorized window treatments and HVAC systems of your building. Create custom lighting schedules and scenes to save energy and increase productivity; integrate daylight sensors with motorized window treatments and lighting systems to balance ambient and electrical light for maximum efficiency; use real-time energy monitoring to reduce waste and make money-saving adjustments.

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Security, Surveillance and Access.

Integrate your building's security into your automation system and enjoy complete control over every alarm, camera and lock. IP cameras and DVR's for real-time monitoring and playback; Card access, passcode access or biometric readers to keep every entrance highly secured; remote access locks for convenience and emergencies.

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