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Monitor your home remotely and create custom security responses with your home automation system. Rest assured knowing that your home is a just a touch away. With security features integrated into your home automation system, you can monitor live video of your home, and have custom security responses activate in the event of a security breach. 

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Alarm Systems and Security Response

 Enjoy peace of mind with a custom alarm system integrated with your home automation system. In the event of a security breach, you'll be instantly notified. Your system can be programmed to perform any number of additional security response actions. Window treatments can be set to open and your lights to flash to draw attention and help authorities identify your home; exterior lights can be set to shine a spotlight to scare away an intruder; hit a custom programmed panic button action that alerts authorities and flashes your exterior lights. 

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Using IP cameras and wireless surveillance technology, you can access live video feed of your property from anywhere in the world. Check in on your home while you travel; keep an eye on your vacation property remotely; use an indoor camera to monitor your sleeping infant.

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Automated Locks

Automated LocksNo keys, no problem. Conveniently lock and unlock the doors of your home from your smartphone. Integrate your locks with your home automation system to preset actions that simultaneously turn off the lights, turn off the HVAC and lock all the doors at once. 

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