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Home Automation

A home automation system is like having a personal concierge that learns your habits and adapts to your lifestyle.

Integrate all of your lighting, climate control, audio visual, security and surveillance into an intuitive, centralized system you can program to your specific needs and preferences, and control wirelessly from anywhere in the world.

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Customized Scenes

Create custom scenes that are triggered by buttons, sensors, or events such as time of day or temperature changes. Push a button to change the lights and music for a party; push a button next to your bed that turns off all the lights, lowers the shades, locks the doors, arms the security system, and sets your ideal sleep temperature; set your motorized shades to rise slowly as you wake up in the morning. The possibilities are endless. 

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Energy Savings

Program your system to operate as efficiently as possible and reduce your energy consumption. Automatically turn off the lights when you leave the room; lower the window shades during the hottest times of the day; turn off the HVAC when you leave for work and have it turn on a few hours before you get home. 


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Intuitive Control

Control every appliance and system in your home from your device of choice - smartphone, tablet, in-wall touchscreen, handheld remote, or customizable keypads, and buttons. 

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Transform your lifestyle today

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