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Home Entertainment

Infuse high definition sound and video seamlessly into your living space. 

From high-end home theater screening rooms to distributed audio and video, we'll transform your home into a fully immersive entertainment experience. With our design-minded approach and the latest in speaker and screen technology, we blend audio visual components into your home’s design in the most beautiful, creative ways possible.

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Home Theaters

 For an incredible cinematic experience within the comfort of your home, our team will design and build your dream theater. Using advanced home theater technologies, we create the most intimate, high quality visual and audio experiences you’re likely to encounter, completely customized to your space. Movie night just got a lot better. 

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Whole Home Audio

 With distributed audio, you have full control over every speaker in every room of your house. Jam out to your favorite songs throughout the entire house, or play different songs in each room. With centralized music servers, you'll have access to iTunes, streaming internet radio, satellite radio, and broadcast radio, conveniently controlled by in-wall or portable touchscreen controls or your smartphone. 

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Whole Home Video

 With distributed video, you’re no longer limited to watching television on the living room sofa. We can install screens all throughout your home, and with centralized media servers, you’ll have easy access to anything you could care to watch. Catch the news while you brush your teeth; follow along with your favorite cooking show in the kitchen; watch the newest episode of your favorite sitcom as you lay in bed.  

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Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions. New technologies allow us to incorporate audio and video into your home in exciting, innovative ways. Hidden screens and speakers that come alive at the push of a button; waterproof screens in your shower; mirrored TV's that look exactly like a mirror when not in use; TV lifts that elevate your screen when you're ready to watch; motorized artwork frames that conceal your TV behind a painting. 

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Transform your lifestyle today

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