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Create memorable dining experiences for your guests while optimizing your daily service operations with automated lighting, digital signage, audio video, networking, security, energy management solutions and more...

They’ll come for the food, but they’ll come back for the experience. With a custom automation system integrated into your restaurant or cafe, you’ll have complete control over every element of your guests experience. From the waiting area and bar to the dining area and bathrooms - every light, sound, and visual element can be fine tuned to ensure you leave a lasting impact on your guests.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage. Attract attention, change your menu with ease and entertain your guests. Incorporating digital signage into your eatery is a great way to engage your customers throughout their entire visit. Display a welcome message or promotional material on a screen in the reception area; showcase your menu in high definition color; utilize table side screens to display engaging content and offer self-service ordering with up-sell opportunities.

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Audio Video

 Blending distributed audio and video into your restaurant gives you full control over everything your guests see and hear. With CHTi's integrated systems all of your audio/video gear is easily managed through an intuitive interface that makes on-the-go adjustments in fast paced environments a breeze.

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Networking. A robust network allows all of your automation systems to communicate and work together smoothly. With all of your phones, computers, lighting, audio/video and climate control connected through a high-speed network, your establishment will operate with supreme efficiency. 

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Energy Management

Energy Management. By automating your eatery's lighting, motorized window treatments, and HVAC systems, you'll gain full control over your guests experience while saving loads on energy. Set lighting and climate schedules to create the perfect ambiance at the push of a button; utilize intuitive energy management systems to monitor your energy consumption and make real-time adjustments; incorporate daylight sensors to automatically create the perfect blend of ambient and electric lighting for maximum efficiency. 

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Security Systems

Security Systems. Outfit your restaurant with the best in security, surveillance, and access technology for increased safety and peace of mind. Use IP cameras, DVR's and remote surveillance technology to monitor your space from anywhere; outfit your staff entrances with key-card or passcode locks for an extra measure of security; enjoy the safety of remote access locks for added convenience or in a case of emergency. 

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