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Elevate your customer's experience and make your brand unforgettable by infusing your retail space with the best in automation, lighting control, audio video, networking, energy management and security.  

From the moment your customer walks through the door, every sight and sound will be fine tuned to leave a lasting impact. With automation technology incorporated into your retail space, you'll have the control you need to create truly memorable experiences. From the music to the lighting to the video displays, every aspect of your retail space will help attract the right customers and give them the best shopping experience possible. 

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Custom Sound

Custom Sound. What does your brand sound like? Distributed audio makes it easy to create immersive sound experiences for your customers while they shop. Blend high-fidelity speakers throughout your space and conveniently control music selections and sound levels through an intuitive interface.

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Digital Signage

Sometimes it’s easier just to show them. By incorporating digital signage into your retail space you'll have the opportunity to display your brand's finest apparel as it's seen in fashion magazines and blogs. Use digital signage to advertise sales and specials or use it to show off your newest collections. 

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Custom Lighting

Showcase your goods in the best light possible. Custom automated lighting gives you the control and flexibility to present your retail space however you like. Every light in your space will be under your control through an intuitive interface. Trigger preset scenes for an instant change in ambiance; change the lighting to highlight a certain collection; use lighting to create a welcoming entrance to your store.

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A high-speed network ensures that all of your systems - lighting, audio video, climate and security - communicate and integrate effectively. We use premium, high-quality components to make sure your network system is as fast and reliable as possible.

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Keep a close watch on your merchandise and employees. Monitor your retail space from anywhere in the world with IP cameras and remote surveillance technology. Control access to your space with key card, pass code and biometric readers.

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