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Heighten the ambiance and safety of your home while saving energy with custom lighting control systems. 

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Lighting Control

By utilizing customizable keypads and touchscreens, you can easily control and automate every light in your house, both interior and exterior. Push a button and turn off all lights at once; custom program scenes to set the mood for any occasion; create schedules for your interior and exterior lights to keep your home safe while you’re on vacation

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Energy Savings

Using light automation technology greatly reduces your energy consumption by making sure your lights are on when you need them, and off when you don't. Custom light schedules matched to your lifestyle and use patterns; occupational/vacancy sensors to turn lights on and off as you enter and exit the room; daylight sensors to adjust automatically the brightness of your lights to create the perfect blend of ambient and electric light. 

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Control your home’s ambient light, privacy, and energy consumption in style with custom motorized window treatments. No more running around the house to close the blinds. Use your home’s automation remote control to set custom schedules, program scenes or utilize sensors to control your home’s natural light and privacy. 

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UV Ray Protection

Preserve the life and integrity of your furniture and floors using motorized window treatments to block out the sun’s harmful rays. With daylight sensors, your window treatments will automatically lower when the sun is at its peak, keeping your interior decor safe. 

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Energy Efficiency 

We’ll program your shades to automatically raise and lower according to the time of day, sunlight or temperature. Keep your house cool when it's hot out, and greatly reduce your energy consumption.

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Customized Style

With thousands of fabrics and designs to choose from, finding window treatments that complement your home’s decor is easy. Our designers will help you choose shades that best match your personal style and taste.  

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Transform your lifestyle today

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