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Let CHTi design and engineer the automation and entertainment systems in your next residential or commercial project. 

With all the intricate details and specifications that go into a home automation/entertainment system, you need a sound design and a well-structured plan for your project to be a success. CHTi offers both residential and commercial custom system engineering services to make sure your next project runs smoothly to completion.


For an automation/entertainment system to be successfully integrated into a home or commercial building, all members of the design and construction teams must be on the same page. Before any ground is broken the engineers at CHTi will sit down with you to assess your wants, needs and desires, then go on to develop a detailed plan of action to make sure all members of the build process coordinate to make your dream project a reality.

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Assessing your needs

Assessing your needs. Our engineers will meet with you to discuss your wants, needs and desires. We'll go over everything involved in your project - automation, lighting, audio video, climate control, security and more - to find out what you want your home or commercial space to do for you. Remember, you truly can have it all. 

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Designing layout and infrastructure

Designing layout and infrastructure. Once we've assessed your needs and made decisions on what you want included in your automation and entertainment system, we'll get to work designing the layout and infrastructure of all the systems, wiring and components. 

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Selecting components

Once we arrive at an elegant and efficient layout, we'll sit down and go over your options for specific components. In the world of automation and entertainment, there are many high quality components to choose from in every category, with each option having its own strengths and ideal applications. We'll take the time to figure out which components will best match your needs and function best within the system as a whole.  

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Detailed Plans

After we've assessed your needs, designed the layout and infrastructure, and chosen specific components, we'll get to work developing detailed plans and documentation. We generate acutely detailed, computer-generated plans that eliminate all guesswork and wiring errors that often occur during the build process. This ultimately saves you time and money by avoiding costly change orders. The result of our detailed design and engineering process is a smooth construction process with greatly improved finished aesthetics. 

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